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ZIP Express provides easy look up of U.S. ZIP Code, city, state, county, area code and time zone information. ZIP Express' power goes well beyond this by providing the capability to actually read a ZIP Code from an application or the clipboard and paste the associated information directly into another program in just about any format that you desire. Search ZIP Express by ZIP Code, city, county, state or area code. As you key in the search criteria, potential matches will be displayed allowing you to watch the possibilities be narrowed down as you type. Select just the data that you want to be displayed. For example, if you are not interested in knowing the county or time zone, then simply choose not to view them. Large chunks of data may be displayed at once and can easily be printed or copied to the clipboard in almost any format you care to create. Select information such as ZIP Code, city, state, state abbreviation, area code and time zone. Practically any other text may be included in the format. When creating formats to be inserted directly into programs, you can include common keystrokes such as the Tab key or Backtab key for navigating among fields. Or use the Backspace or Delete keys to delete old information that should be replaced. Assign over 80 different hot key combinations for auto-pasting. Check the current time for a specific area code, ZIP Code or city in another country to help determine whether the time is appropriate for placing a phone call. Find the country and city codes needed to place a call from within the U.S. to another country. With the ZIP Code information displayed, press the Map button and, with an Internet connection, view a map of that location. Optionally purchase a license to export all of the data to a .csv file format for use in other applications. Quarterly or annual data export licenses are available.

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